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    Dries Buytaert authored
    - Added a brand-new access.module which allows you to manage 'roles'
      (groups) and 'permissions' ... (inspired by Zope's system).
        + Once installed, click the help-link for more information.
        + See updates/2.00-to-x.xx.sql for the SQL updates.
    - Modified loads of code to use our new access.module.  The system
      still has to mature though: new permissions have to be added and
      existing permissions need stream-lining.  Awaiting suggestions.
    - As a direct result of the new access system, I had to rewrite the
      way the top-level links in admin.php are rendered and displayed,
      and xhtml-ified admin.php while I was at it.
    - Home-brewed modules need updating, home-brewed themes not.
      (Examples: file.module, trip_link.module)
    - As soon we *finished* the refactoring of the user system (KJ has
      been working on this refactoring already) we should consider to
      embed this role and permission code into account.module ...