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    - Refactored the statistics and watchdog module (views). The most important · 70fcf51e
    Dries Buytaert authored
      changes are:
      1. Simplified the statistics pages: there are less pages and on the
         remaining pages there is a lot less visual clutter (less columns and
         better presentation).
      2. Reorganized the 'administer - logs' menu: flattened the menu structure
         and removed a number of links.
      3. Improved performance.  Most statistics pages used about 160 slow SQL
         queries which made the statistics pages fairly unusable on my system.
         The new pages use at least 10 times less SQL queries and render much
         faster.  They are actually usable.
      4. There is now a 'track'-tab on node pages, and a second subtrab on the
         user accounts 'track'-tab for people with the 'access statistics'
         permission.  They can be used to resp. track the node and the user.
         This makes the statistics more accessible.
      5. Changed the way watchdog messages are filtered.  This makes it easier
         to introduce new watchdog types.
      6. Reworked the statistics module's permissions.
      7. Less code: 223 insertions(+), 343 deletions(-).
      8. Fixed several glitches: for example, the statistics pages sorted the
         'Name' column by user ID instead of by name.  Unfortunately, it is
         too difficult to backport these to DRUPAL-4-5.
      1. Review the statistics modules help pages.
      2. Help fine-tune the interfaces/views.
      1. You'll want to run update.php.