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    Dries Buytaert authored
    - Created 2 new functions:
        + path_uri(): returns the fully-qualified URI of your drupal site.
        + path_img(): returns the image directory or
                      in case you prefer to load-balance bandwidth usage.
      Replaced all occurences of the variable "site_url" with path_uri()
      and removed "site_url" from "setting.module".
    - Drastically simplified the node_save() API, which should make the
      node-forms more secure.  Updated "story.module", "book.module",
      "forum.module", "page.module" and "node.module" to reflect this
      change.  This is needs more testing so hit it, beat it, tease it.
    - Fixed an occasional glitch in the configuration file loading logic.
    - Made "queue.module" display an informative notice when an anonymous
      user tries accessing the moderation queue.
    - Updated the hard-coded information in drupal.module a bit.