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    Fix NuCivic/internal#453. Add panopoly widgets. · 97f7eb36
    topicus authored
    Add panopoly widgets and panopoly images because dependency.
    Add defaultconfig module.
    Panopoly images requires this module.
    Add views_autocomplete_filters required by panopoly_widgets.
    QA increase remote fetch request timeout
    Related NuCivic/internal#453. Add file entity create perm for auth. users.
    After a lot of time trying to figure out why test was failing, I found
    panopoly add the file entity module and with it a whole new set of perms.
    Such perms interact with the remote stream wrapper module and disallow
    authenticated users to upload new files using rs wrapper. Enabling that
    fix the problem.
    Add a patch to file entity
    Related NuCivic/internal#453. Add behat tests.
    Related NuCivic/internal#453. Add views_autocomplete_filter patches.
    Without this patches, views autocomplete retrieves empty results.
    Related NuCivic/internal#453. Add panopoly_images to dkan.info
    Related NuCivic/internal#453. Add fieldable panels permissions
    Related NuCivic/internal#453. Add item content widget test
    Related NuCivic/internal#453. Add manualcrop dependencies
    Since panopoly images has manual crop dependencies commented
    we need to add them to drupal-org.make
    Back build make branch to 7.x.1.x
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