This release contains a number of bugfixes that improve quality of life and
integration with other modules.

Contributors (7)

b_sharpe, Kingdutch, emclaughlin, RuslanP, Ronak.addweb, nkoporec, edurenye


Issues: 8 issues resolved.

Changes since [8.x-2.0-alpha2](


[#2975851]( by [b_sharpe](, [Kingdutch]( Use StringTranslationTrait for SeoManager
[#2969403]( by [b_sharpe]( Submission on nodes causes Multiple menu links
[#2974301]( by [Kingdutch](, [emclaughlin]( Yoast SEO Field Ajax Race Condition With Nested Paragraphs
[#2950987]( New commerce products can't be analysed because rendering requires them to be saved
[#2952698]( by [Kingdutch]( Remove unneccessary field wrapper from Real-Time SEO field


[#2941283]( by [Kingdutch](, [edurenye]( Support context specific Metatags such as [current-page:title]


[#2974202]( by [RuslanP](, [Ronak.addweb]( Add a point to the end of the configuration menu item description
[#2971920]( by [nkoporec]( Replace deprecated drupal_get_messages() calls
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