Commit 6c184396 authored by git's avatar git Committed by Robert Ragas

Issue #2753057 by nairb: Undefined index: description in yoast_seo_configuration_form() (line 152

parent 0013e729
......@@ -142,7 +142,7 @@ function yoast_seo_configuration_form(array &$form, $instance, array $options =
// Set placeholder tekst if there is a default in metatags and it is a new
// entity. This means we have some default configuration for the
// description.
if (!empty($form['metatags'][$langcode]['basic']['description'])) {
if (!empty($form['metatags'][$langcode]['basic']['description']) && isset($metatag_config['description'])) {
// Checking to see if we have to empty the default value or not.
if ($form['metatags'][$langcode]['basic']['description']['value']['#default_value'] == $metatag_config['description']['value']) {
if ($new_entity) {
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