Commit 5188cbef authored by Kingdutch's avatar Kingdutch

Make editability of title/description configurable

parent 83436678
......@@ -25,7 +25,13 @@
const renderElement = $form.find(`#${settings.yoast_seo.targets.wrapper_target_id}`).get(0);
// Create an analyser and retrieve it store so we can interact with it.
const analyser = new RealTimeSEO.App(Drupal, settings.yoast_seo.base_root);
const analyser = new RealTimeSEO.App(
base_url: settings.yoast_seo.base_root,
editable: settings.yoast_seo.enable_editing,
// Update our form inputs when results change.
analyser.on("updatedResult", (results) => {
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