Commit fea50852 authored by andrei.dincu's avatar andrei.dincu
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Issue #2249723 by andrei.dincu: Uncommend xmlsitemap_add_form_entity_summary()...

Issue #2249723 by andrei.dincu: Uncommend xmlsitemap_add_form_entity_summary() and Element::getVisibleChildren() in XmlSitemapSettingsForm
parent eb127bab
......@@ -141,7 +141,7 @@ class XmlSitemapSettingsForm extends ConfigFormBase {
if (!empty($entity_info['bundles'])) {
// If this entity has bundles, show a bundle setting summary.
//xmlsitemap_add_form_entity_summary($form[$entity], $entity, $entity_info);
xmlsitemap_add_form_entity_summary($form[$entity], $entity, $entity_info);
if (!empty($entity_info['xmlsitemap']['settings callback'])) {
......@@ -151,7 +151,7 @@ class XmlSitemapSettingsForm extends ConfigFormBase {
// Ensure that the entity fieldset is not shown if there are no accessible
// sub-elements.
//$form[$entity]['#access'] = (bool) Element::getVisibleChildren($form[$entity]);
$form[$entity]['#access'] = (bool) Element::getVisibleChildren($form[$entity]);
return parent::buildForm($form, $form_state);
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