Commit 8f834fce authored by Dave Reid's avatar Dave Reid
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Allow users to be listed that haven't logged in yet to match the behavior in user_view_access().

parent ab72f26d
......@@ -136,7 +136,7 @@ function xmlsitemap_user_create_link(stdClass &$account) {
// The following values must always be checked because they are volatile.
$account->xmlsitemap['loc'] = $uri['path'];
$account->xmlsitemap['access'] = $account->uid && $account->status && $account->login && $account->access;
$account->xmlsitemap['access'] = $account->uid && $account->status;
$account->xmlsitemap['language'] = !empty($account->language) ? $account->language : LANGUAGE_NONE;
return $account->xmlsitemap;
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