Commit 8addf71b authored by jacob.embree's avatar jacob.embree Committed by pifagor

Issue #3086542 by jacob.embree, alex_optim, pifagor: Clean up uninstall routine

parent 7159e216
......@@ -368,13 +368,12 @@ function xmlsitemap_enable() {
* Implements hook_uninstall().
function xmlsitemap_uninstall() {
drupal_load('module', 'xmlsitemap');
// Remove the file cache directory.
if(function_exists('xmlsitemap_clear_directory')) {
xmlsitemap_clear_directory(NULL, TRUE);
xmlsitemap_clear_directory(NULL, TRUE);
// Remove variables.
drupal_load('module', 'xmlsitemap');
$variables = array_keys(xmlsitemap_variables());
foreach ($variables as $variable) {
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