Commit 7ae1a28b authored by andrei.dincu's avatar andrei.dincu

Issue #2249723 by andrei.dincu: Replace module_invoke_all() with...

Issue #2249723 by andrei.dincu: Replace module_invoke_all() with moduleHandler()->invokeAll() in xmlsitemap_link_save()
parent dbfe7365
......@@ -603,11 +603,11 @@ function xmlsitemap_link_save(array $link) {
// Save the link and allow other modules to respond to the link being saved.
if ($existing) {
drupal_write_record('xmlsitemap', $link, array('type', 'id'));
module_invoke_all('xmlsitemap_link_update', $link);
\Drupal::moduleHandler()->invokeAll('xmlsitemap_link_update', $link);
else {
drupal_write_record('xmlsitemap', $link);
module_invoke_all('xmlsitemap_link_insert', $link);
\Drupal::moduleHandler()->invokeAll('xmlsitemap_link_insert', $link);
return $link;
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