Commit 12a9af32 authored by Dave Reid's avatar Dave Reid

#504004 by akhil, Dave Reid: Fixed query in...

#504004 by akhil, Dave Reid: Fixed query in xmlsitemap_taxonomy_xmlsitemap_links() to provide {term_data}.name and skip the unnecessary join with {vocabulary}.
parent 844a2ea7
......@@ -20,7 +20,7 @@
function xmlsitemap_taxonomy_cron() {
if (($limit = variable_get('xmlsitemap_cron_limit', 100)) != -1) {
$sql = "SELECT t.* FROM {term_data} t
$sql = "SELECT t.tid, t.vid FROM {term_data} t
LEFT JOIN {xmlsitemap_taxonomy} xt ON xt.tid = t.tid
WHERE xt.tid IS NULL";
$result = db_query_range($sql, 0, $limit);
......@@ -203,9 +203,8 @@ function xmlsitemap_taxonomy_xmlsitemap_links() {
$result = db_query(
"SELECT t.tid, t.vid, v.module, xt.changed, xt.previously_changed, xt.priority_override
"SELECT t.tid, t.vid,, xt.changed, xt.previously_changed, xt.priority_override
FROM {term_data} t
LEFT JOIN {vocabulary} v ON t.vid = v.vid
LEFT JOIN {xmlsitemap_taxonomy} xt ON t.tid = xt.tid",
't', 'tid'
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