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- #1671030: Updated CHANGELOG.txt.

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Note: This file is no longer updated. See the git history or release notes instead.
Project change records will also be published for major changes.
Wysiwyg 7.x-2.x, xxxx-xx-xx
Wysiwyg 7.x-2.2, 2012-10-02
#356480 by TwoD, zhangtaihao, sun: Fixed initialization of editor libraries in
Ajax scenarios.
Revert "- #841794 by catch, smk-ka: Fixed wysiwyg_load_includes() performance."
#771424 by TwoD: Fixed Missing library breaks admin UI.
#967400 by skwashd, helmo, rocketeerbkw: Plugin/button label linking to project
homepage is poor usability.
#835682 by james.elliott, TwoD, Paul Lomax, JacobSingh: Fixed %t
(path_to_theme()) returns wrong theme path.
#841794 by catch, smk-ka: Fixed wysiwyg_load_includes() performance.
#614402 by jide, TwoD: Added Plugin API support for YUI Editor.
#947676 by merlinofchaos, zhangtaihao, mradcliffe: Added event for detaching
when CTools modal closes.
#356480 by Shawn_Smiley, zhangtaihao, idflood, whurleyf1: Added Lazy-load
support for editors.
#1732880 by loominade, yannickoo, sun: Added EpicEditor support.
#1691478 by aaronbauman: Fixed {wysiwyg}.settings column is not marked as
#1679272 by marcusx: Fixed Path/statusbar location setting has no effect in
Fixed bogus variable references.
#1679980 by sun: Fixed Wysiwyg Dialog code is not ported to D7.
#614146 by jide, fearlsgroove, TwoD, aklump, sun: Added
Drupal.wysiwyg.editor.instance content methods.
#1650416 by TwoD, sun: Changed settings form callback to leverage $form_state.
#1650416 by sun: Changed arguments for settings form callback.
#1388224 by ksenzee, sun, TwoD: Fixed editors detaching on form submissions.
#746524 by fietserwin, sun, Sborsody, jastraat, kardave, pacproduct, osopolar,
amanaplan, joelcollinsdc, roderik, plach, sylus, aaronbauman, g10: Fixed No
Font Styles for CKeditor.
#1650416 by sun, fietserwin: Added 'settings form callback' to allow editor
specific changes to be made to the profile settings form.
#682160 by n_vashenko, TwoD: Fixed lists plugin support for TinyMCE.
#1414354 by Merco: Fixed none.js breaks if textarea.js is not loaded.
#1064600 by TwoD: Fixed maximized editors hidden under Drupal's toolbar.
#1405786 by logaritmisk: Fixed CKEditor being wider than parent elements.
#1531896 by Chi: Fixed strict warning for WYMeditor.
#1048300 by sreynen: Fixed external CSS not properly handled in
#1442226 by robertom: Fixed inverted list button names for WYMeditor.
#1352426 by TwoD, sun: Added install notes (CKEditor edition clarification).
#1112212 by timdiacon, TwoD: Added language direction buttons for CKEditor.
#1398560 by markwittens: Fixed TinyMCE removing the longdesc attribute.
#970452 by smk-ka, sun, TwoD, drzraf: Fixed outdated TinyMCE plugin info.
#1155678 by james.elliott, Jody Lynn, sun: Add Drupal.detachBehaviors support.
#624018 by smk-ka, quartsize, dagmar, nedjo, rickvug, catch, sun: Added Features support.
#624018 by smk-ka, quartsize, dagmar, nedjo, rickvug, catch, sun: Added Features
#1238766 by Dave Reid: Fixed Missing cells in profile plugins table.
#1073106 by scottrouse: Fixed 'Input Format' should be 'Text Format'.
#1153458 by TwoD: Fixed TinyMCE 'Verify HTML' setting ignored.
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