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      #254114 support triggers UI for multiple node types using a workflow · 3683ed5d
      jvandyk authored
      change internal op construction from workflow-$tid to
        workflow-$node->type-$tid (workflow_update_5203() converts existing)
      eliminate error when editing name of workflow to which no states have yet
        been assigned
      change 'node type' to 'content type' in UI
      clear menu cache when workflows are changed as this affects local tasks
  8. 29 Apr, 2008 1 commit
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      updated README · 5b5c7230
      jvandyk authored
      added a preference to display the workflow form on either the node editing form
        (which we've always had) or when adding a comment to a node
      refactored nodeapi implementation into workflow_transition() so we can reuse
        code from either the nodeapi or comment hook
      uninstall now deletes the two actions provided by workflow.module
        (workflow_select_given_state_action and workflow_select_next_state_action)
        from actions table if actions is enabled
      only show node type/workflow assignment if a workflow has been defined
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      #247568 by snoble: remove primary key from Postgres workflow_access table · dba55824
      jvandyk authored
      #247617 by snoble: add stamp field to workflow_node table for Postgres
      added status field to workflow_states table so deleted states are not
        deleted; they are just flagged as deleted. This preserves workflow node
        history even if a state the node has been in is deleted.
      workflow tab page now themes current, regular and deleted states differently
      #128874 approach by JacobSingh: reassign soon-to-be-orphaned nodes to a
        different state when a state is deleted
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      added autoincrement field hid to workflow_node_history table · 7ee1ad33
      jvandyk authored
      added force parameter to workflow_execute_transition(); disregards
        permissions when true
      added advanced action: Change workflow state of post to new state
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      Workflow is in beta for 5.x! · 7c81d419
      Mark Fredrickson authored
      Well, crack open the champagne and put your party hats on. After hours of hard work by drewish, webchick, samo, moshe, bloomaniac, jvandyk, Egon Bianchet, unleached, mr. dale, bdragon, and myself, workflow is running on Drupal 5. Special thanks to all those listed above who took the time to patch, review, critique, and otherwise move the ball towards the endzone.
      Now, we're down to the final yards (can you tell the Super Bowl is tomorrow?). This is a beta release (perhaps the first of several). This means the code in unstable, buggy (read down for some known bugs), and will be changing in the immediate future. That said, this is mostly a compatibility release, so not much has changed in the code base. I am confident the full release will be out soon.
      I'm putting out a call for people interested in testing this release. Please put it through it's paces. I'm especially interested in testing of:
      - integration with actions (make sure APIs haven't changed in subtle ways)
      - views integration (test your views, make sure they still work)
      - upgrades (*** do not test on your production systems, make copies! but then see if the upgrade is successful)
      - translations (these have fallen out of date. translators are very welcome to submit changes/updates)
      If you want to jump right in, here's my (ever growing) list of bugs:
      - when deleting a workflow, <em> is escaped into the drupal_set_message
      - on workflow form, remove the label from the select list. hight current state better
      - on workflow form, authorship still not checked right!
      - scheduling puts extra message into logs
      - scheduling is ignored and done immediately on workflow tab. :-(
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