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       README.txt for weight.module for Drupal
    by Jeff Robbins ::: jeff /@t\ jjeff /d0t\ com

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This module adds a weight option to enabled node types. It uses the node table's
'sticky' column to store weights as well as sticky information (so that feature
is not lost). Nodes with lower weight will float to the top of lists, while
heavier items will sink.

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This is useful for sorting non-cronological nodes like bios or ecommerce

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Nodes will be sorted first by stickiness, then by weight, then by creation date.

NOTE: There is currently a known issue in which they 'sticky' state is not
properly interpreted on the 'content' (admin/node) page once nodes have had
their sticky flag converted to the format required by the weight module.
However, this does not affect the presentation of sticky and non-sticky nodes.