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api documentation @mainpage

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/** @mainpage Views Slideshow API & Developer Documentation
* Welcome to the Views Slideshow developer's documentation.
* Newcomers to Drupal development should read the conceptual information
* in @link Drupal API Introduction @endlink
* or @link Drupal API Docs @endlink.
* The heavily documented
* @link Example modules @endlink
* may also be helpful.
* For tutorials and examples for acheiving specific tasks, also see the
* @link Developer Guide @endlink.
* For any comments, support or questions see the
* @link module page @endlink.
* Also, feel free to comment here if it is specific to one function/file.
* - Primary components of Views Slideshow
* - @link vss_theme Theme Functions @endlink
* - @link vss_templates Templates @endlink
* - @link modules/views_slideshow_cycle/views_slideshow_cycle.module Cycle Module @endlink
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