Commit f542189e authored by aaron.ferris's avatar aaron.ferris Committed by DamienMcKenna

Issue #2261219 by aaron.ferris, Chris Matthews: Views ajax pager not applying to ordered lists.

parent 64889225
......@@ -104,7 +104,7 @@
* Attach the ajax behavior to each link.
Drupal.views.ajaxView.prototype.attachPagerAjax = function() {
this.$view.find('ul.pager > li > a, th.views-field a, .attachment .views-summary a')
this.$view.find('ul.pager > li > a, ol.pager > li > a, th.views-field a, .attachment .views-summary a')
.each(jQuery.proxy(this.attachPagerLinkAjax, this));
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