Commit a2598cb3 authored by sun's avatar sun

Updated CHANGELOG.txt to include all changes up until now.

parent 977800b7
CHANGELOG for Views for Drupal 5
Views 5.x-1.x
Bugs fixed:
o #191420 by sun: Fixed missing t() for view import page title.
o #166608: missing ->status setting caused access control on various node
links to fail.
o #257004: Ensure cache is loaded for exposed filters so that external stuff
can use cached forms for AJAX calls
o #211944: Wildcard substitution for arguments ignored in RSS feeds.
o #171505: Fixed missing closing apostrophe in date sorting.
o #167978: Fixed sort granularity.
o #165611: Cached queries could have their args replaced twice, causing
percent signs to get messed up.
New features:
o #201537 by mcvecka, darrenoh: add FALSE filter to search.
o #153714 by majsan: Added Swedish translation.
o #286767 by FrederikVO: Updated Dutch translation.
o by gaele, xeniox, ngommers, Lapino, Xano, sutharsan: Added Dutch translation.
Views 5.x-1.6
Bugs fixed:
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