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Fixed stale installation instructions related to 4.x.

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......@@ -13,24 +13,13 @@ functionality from these modes.
In 4.7, Views can be installed simply by activating the module, thanks to the
new module installation features.
Enable Views and Views UI modules. You can disable Views UI module after you
have finished your site's setup.
Please note that this is now TWO modules -- views.module and views_ui.module
Documentation is now available at
The documentation files in the views package have been removed since they
are even more out of date.
As of 3/16/2006, the user documentation is UP TO DATE. The API documentation
is somewhat out of date, and the theming documentation is very out of date.
I hope to correct this in the very near future.
The best documentation will be here:
-------------- IMPORTANT --------------------------------------------------
-------------- IMPORTANT --------------------------------------------------
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