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Add theme_view function

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......@@ -1877,3 +1877,30 @@ function views_views_query_substitutions($view) {
global $user;
return array('***CURRENT_TIME***' => time());
* Returns a themed view.
* @param $view_name
* The name of the view.
* @param $limit
* Required if $use_pager is set; if $limit is set and $use_pager is
* not, this will be the maximum number of records returned. This is ignored
* if using a view set to return a random result. If $use_pager is set and
* this field is not, you'll get a SQL error. Don't do that!
* @param $use_pager
* If set, use a pager. Set this to the pager id you want it to use if you
* plan on using multiple pagers on a page. Note that the pager element id
* will be decremented in order to have the IDs start at 0.
* @param $type
* 'page' -- Produce output as a page, sent through theme.
* The only real difference between this and block is that
* a page uses drupal_set_title to change the page title.
* 'block' -- Produce output as a block, sent through theme.
* 'embed' -- Use this if you want to embed a view onto another page,
* and don't want any block or page specific things to happen to it.
function theme_view( $view_name, $limit = 0, $use_pager = false, $type = 'embed' ) {
if ($view = views_get_view($view_name)) {
return views_build_view($type, $view, $view_args, $use_pager, $limit);
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