Commit e33f07ec authored by InternetDevels's avatar InternetDevels Committed by DamienMcKenna

Issue #2003014 by InternetDevels: Unused variable $count in views_handler_area_result.

parent dcb46159
......@@ -61,7 +61,6 @@ class views_handler_area_result extends views_handler_area {
// Calculate the page totals.
$current_page = (int) $this->view->get_current_page() + 1;
$per_page = (int) $this->view->get_items_per_page();
$count = count($this->view->result);
// @TODO: Maybe use a possible is views empty functionality.
// Not every view has total_rows set, use view->result instead.
$total = isset($this->view->total_rows) ? $this->view->total_rows : count($this->view->result);
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