Commit 0f04e0d7 authored by merlinofchaos's avatar merlinofchaos

Updated changelog prior to rolling a release

parent 6084fd6e
......@@ -63,7 +63,8 @@ Views 5.x-1.2-beta-1
o 98492: Comment moderation status filter
o 101025: Sort by node type
Views --dev
Views 5.x-1.3-beta-1
Bugs fixed:
o Reverted 99783 which doesn't work.
o 100769: link book table via vid instead of nid.
......@@ -83,3 +84,5 @@ Views --dev
o 101324: New op for views_build_view: 'queries'
o 77526: Automatically enable views_ui if views is installed without it. But not
just when the module is enabled.
Views --dev
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