Commit 0a5f38d8 authored by merlinofchaos's avatar merlinofchaos

#107855: Removed double check_plain in RSS feed titles.

parent e5e6b483
......@@ -105,4 +105,5 @@ Views --dev
Bugs fixed:
o 109456: Match API documentation on 'field' definition on fields.
o 104459: Correct theme wizard field names.
o 104854: Fixed $arg at the beginning of the URL *again*
o 107855: Removed double check_plain in RSS feed titles.
......@@ -96,9 +96,11 @@ function theme_views_rss_feed($view, $nodes, $type) {
global $base_url;
$channel = array(
'title' => check_plain(views_get_title($view, 'page')),
// a check_plain isn't required on these because format_rss_channel
// already does this.
'title' => views_get_title($view, 'page'),
'link' => url($view->real_url, NULL, NULL, true),
'description' => check_plain($view->description),
'description' => $view->description,
$item_length = variable_get('feed_item_length', 'teaser');
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