Commit 026828e1 authored by joseph.olstad's avatar joseph.olstad Committed by DamienMcKenna

Issue #2754601 by joseph.olstad, Sergio.Tashdjian, sergiuteaca, malcolm_p:...

Issue #2754601 by joseph.olstad, Sergio.Tashdjian, sergiuteaca, malcolm_p: Pager stopped worked with all types of AJAX requests.
parent 5df2dc4f
......@@ -46,9 +46,12 @@ function views_ajax() {
$_GET['q'] = $path;
// Add all $_POST data, because AJAX is always a post and many things,
// If page parameter is in the $_POST exclude it from $_GET,
// otherwise support views_ajax requests using $_GET.
$exclude = isset($_POST['page']) ? array('page') : array();
// Add all $_POST data to $_GET as many things,
// such as tablesorts, exposed filters and paging assume $_GET.
$_GET = $_POST + drupal_get_query_parameters($_GET, array('page'));
$_GET = $_POST + drupal_get_query_parameters($_GET, $exclude);
// Overwrite the destination.
// @see drupal_get_destination()
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