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=== Concept: Server Requirements
=== 概念:服务器要求
Overview of server requirements for installing and running the core software.
(((Installation requirements,overview)))
(((Installation requirements,disk space)))
(((Installation requirements,web server)))
(((Installation requirements,database)))
(((Installation requirements,PHP programming language)))
(((Installing,core software)))
(((Core software,installation requirements)))
(((Disk space,installation requirements)))
(((Web server,installation requirements)))
(((Apache web server,version requirements)))
(((Hiawatha web server,version requirements)))
(((Nginx web server,version requirements)))
(((Microsoft IIS web server,version requirements)))
(((Database,installation requirements)))
(((MySQL database,version requirements)))
(((PostgreSQL database,version requirements)))
(((SQLight database,version requirements)))
(((PHP programming language,version requirements)))
// ==== Prerequisite knowledge
==== What are the requirements for running the core software?
===== Disk space
A minimum installation requires 15 MB. 60 MB is needed for a website with many
contributed modules and themes installed. Keep in mind you need much more for
the database, files uploaded by the users, media, backups, and other files.
===== Web server
Apache (Recommended)::
Apache is the most commonly used web server. The core software will work on
Apache 2.x hosted on UNIX/Linux, OS X, or Windows that have the Apache
mod_rewrite module installed and enabled. The Apache VirtualHost configuration
must contain the directive _AllowOverride All_ to allow the _.htaccess_ file
to be used.
安装及运行 Drupal 的服务器要求
(((安装要求,PHP 编程语言)))
(((Web 服务器,安装要求)))
(((Apache Web 服务器,版本要求)))
(((Hiawatha Web 服务器,版本要求)))
(((Nginx Web 服务器,版本要求)))
(((微软 IIS Web 服务器,版本要求)))
(((MySQL 数据库,版本要求)))
(((PostgreSQL 数据库,版本要求)))
(((SQLight 数据库,版本要求)))
(((PHP 编程语言,版本要求)))
// ==== 预备知识
==== 运行核心软件的要求有哪些?
===== 磁盘空间
最低安装需 15MB 磁盘空间。当网站安装大量的贡献模块和主题时需要 60MB 磁盘空间。谨记,你需要
===== Web 服务器
Apache (推荐)::
Apache 是最常用的 Web 服务器。核心软件能在运行 Apache 2.x 的 UNIX/Linux、OSX、或
Windows 系统中工作,并确保 Apache mod_rewrite 模块已安装并已开启。Apache VirtualHost
配置必须包含指令 _AllowOverride All_ ,以允许使用 _.htaccess_ 文件。
Nginx is a commonly used web server that focuses on high concurrency,
performance and low memory usage. The core software will work on Nginx 1.1 or
greater hosted on UNIX/Linux, OS X, or Windows. The ngx_http_rewrite_module
must be installed and enabled.
Nginx 也是常用的 Web 服务器,Nginx 服务器侧重高并发性,高性能和低内存占用。核心软件能在
运行Nginx 1.1 或其更高版本的UNIX/Linux、OSX、或 Windows 系统中工作。ngx_http_rewrite_module
Hiawatha is a web server with a strong focus on security. It also aims at
being easy to use and lightweight. Research performed by independent
researchers proves that Hiawatha offers a performance comparable to other web
servers under normal conditions, but much better while under attack. URL
Toolkit must be installed and configured to rewrite URLs.
Microsoft IIS::
Microsoft IIS is a web server and set of feature extension modules for use
with Microsoft Windows. The core software will work with IIS 5, IIS 6, or IIS
7 if PHP is configured correctly. Because clean URLs are required, you may
need to use a third party product. For IIS 7, you can use the Microsoft URL
Rewrite module or a third party solution.
Hiawatha 是一个注重安全性的 Web 服务器。同时,Hiawatha 一直致力于易用性和轻量性。独立
研究人员进行的研究表明,Hiawatha 在正常条件下提供了与其他 Web 服务器相当的性能,在受到
网络入侵时,能提供更好的性能。必须安装并配置 URL Toolkit 才能重写 URL。
微软 IIS::
微软 IIS 是一个 Web 服务器,它有一系列在微软 Windows 系统下使用的功能扩展模块。如果
PHP 配置正确的话,核心软件可以在 IIS 5、IIS 6及IIS 7 服务器中运行。由于简洁链接是必需的,
你需要用到第三方产品。对于 IIS 7 来说,你可以使用微软的URL重写模块或者第三方的解决方案。
===== Database
===== 数据库
Use one of the following databases:
* MySQL - 5.5.3 (MariaDB 5.5.20, Percona 5.5.8) or higher with an
InnoDB-compatible primary storage engine
* MySQL - 5.5.3 (MariaDB 5.5.20, Percona 5.5.8) 或兼容 InnoDB 主存储引擎的更高版本
* PostgreSQL - 9.1.2 or higher
* PostgreSQL - 9.1.2 或更高版本
* SQLite - 3.4.2 or higher
* SQLite - 3.4.2 或更高版本
===== PHP
PHP 5.5.9 or higher.
PHP 5.5.9 或更高版本
//==== Related topics
//==== 相关主题
==== Additional resources
==== 相关资料[_Drupal.org_ community documentation page "System requirements"][Drupal 官网文档:系统要求]
Adapted by[Karl Kedrovsky] and[Brian Emery] from["System requirements"],
copyright 2000-2017 by the individual contributors to the[Drupal Community Documentation].
编写:[Karl Kedrovsky] 和[Brian Emery]
翻译:[周宇],[冉强军] @[InterGreat Education Group]
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