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=== Concept: The Drupal Project
=== 概念:Drupal 项目
Overview of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS), Drupal project, and Drupal Association.
自由及开放源代码软件(FOSS)、Drupal 项目以及 Drupal 协会概述。
(((Drupal project,overview)))
(((Drupal Association,overview)))
(((FOSS (Free and Open Source Software),overview)))
(((Free and Open Source Software (FOSS),overview)))
(((Drupal 项目,overview)))
(((Drupal 协会,overview)))
(((FOSS (自由及开放源代码软件),概述)))
(((自由及开放源代码软件 (FOSS),概述)))
==== Prerequisite knowledge
==== 预备知识
==== What is Free and Open Source Software?
==== 什么是自由及开放源代码软件?
Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) is software that is developed by a
community of people, released under a non-commercial license, and whose _source
code_ (the program files that make up the software) is freely available. For
more information on the non-commercial license used by Drupal, see
程序文件)可以免费获取的软件。关于 Drupal 使用的非商业许可证的更多信息,请查看<<understanding-gpl>>。
==== What is the Drupal project?
==== 什么是 Drupal 项目?
The Drupal project is a FOSS project whose purpose is to develop the core
content management system software, as well as add-on modules, additional
themes, translations, documentation, and special-purpose distributions. The
people who contribute their time and money to the Drupal project come from all
over the world, and are a diverse community that comes together for this common
Drupal 项目是一个 FOSS 项目,它的目的是开发内容管理核心软件,以及模块,主题、翻译、文档和
发行版。为 Drupal 项目贡献时间和金钱的人来自世界各地,因为这个共同目的相聚在这个多元化的社区。
The community encompasses many smaller groups who perform many different tasks
such as developing a particular piece of Drupal-related software, writing
documentation, maintaining the security of Drupal software, translating Drupal
software into a particular language, using Drupal for some specific purpose,
and coming together to meet in person within a particular geographical area.
社区包括许许多多小的群组,他们执行许多不同的任务,比如开发一小块 Drupal 相关的软件、写作文档、
维护 Drupal 软件的安全、翻译 Drupal 软件、以及因为使用 Drupal 的一些特定目的,聚集在一个
For more on how you can connect to and communicate with the world-wide
community, see <<thoughts-connecting>> and <<thoughts-support>>.
有关如何与世界范围内的社区建立连接和进行沟通,请查看 <<thoughts-connecting>> 和 <<thoughts-support>>。
==== What is the Drupal Association?
==== 什么是 Drupal 协会?
The[Drupal Association] is a non-profit organization
dedicated to supporting the Drupal project and community. Its main functions
are:[Drupal 协会] 是一个致力于 Drupal 项目和社区的非营利性组织。
* Putting on large conventions around the world
* Maintaining the _Drupal.org_ websites and the servers that they run on
* Promoting Drupal as a web platform
* Supporting Drupal education and training
* Providing grants to the Drupal community in support of its mission
* Raising funds for these purposes
* 负责世界范围内的大型 Drupal 会议
* 维护 及其服务器
* 推广 Drupal 作为一个网络平台
* 支持 Drupal 教育和培训
* 为 Drupal 社区提供资助以支持其使命
* 为这些目的筹集资金
==== Related topics
==== 相关话题
* <<understanding-gpl>>
* <<security-concept>>
* <<thoughts-connecting>>
* <<thoughts-support>>
==== Additional resources
==== 相关资料
*[Drupal project governance]
*[Drupal Code of Conduct]
*[Drupal 项目管理]
*[Drupal 行为准则]
Written by[Jennifer Hodgdon].
写作:[Jennifer Hodgdon]
翻译:[冉强军] @[InterGreat Education Group]
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