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Issue #3087185 by jhodgdon, kiwad: Remove Hiawatha from User guide ?

parent 16a82ec0
......@@ -15,7 +15,6 @@ Overview of server requirements for installing and running the core software.
(((Disk space,installation requirements)))
(((Web server,installation requirements)))
(((Apache web server,version requirements)))
(((Hiawatha web server,version requirements)))
(((Nginx web server,version requirements)))
(((Microsoft IIS web server,version requirements)))
(((Database,installation requirements)))
......@@ -69,12 +68,6 @@ Nginx::
performance and low memory usage. The core software will work on Nginx 1.1 or
greater hosted on UNIX/Linux, OS X, or Windows. The ngx_http_rewrite_module
must be installed and enabled.
Hiawatha is a web server with a strong focus on security. It also aims at
being easy to use and lightweight. Research performed by independent
researchers proves that Hiawatha offers a performance comparable to other web
servers under normal conditions, but much better while under attack. URL
Toolkit must be installed and configured to rewrite URLs.
Microsoft IIS::
Microsoft IIS is a web server and set of feature extension modules for use
with Microsoft Windows. The core software will work with IIS 5, IIS 6, or IIS
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