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=== Concept: Users, Roles, and Permissions
=== 概念:用户,角色和权限
Overview of user accounts, permissions, and roles.
(((User role,overview)))
(((Anonymous user,overview)))
(((Authenticated user,overview)))
(((Administrative user account,overview)))
// ==== Prerequisite knowledge
==== What are Users?
==== 什么是用户?
Anyone who visits your website is a _user_, including you. There are three
groups of users:
* Users who are not logged in, or _anonymous users_
* 未登录用户,或匿名用户
* Users who are logged in, or _authenticated users_
* 已登录用户
* The administrative user account that was automatically created when you
installed your site, or User 1. See <<user-admin-account>>.
* 安装网站时自动创建的管理员账号,或用户 1。请查看 <<user-admin-account>>。
==== What are Permissions?
==== 什么是权限?
The ability to do actions on your site (including viewing content, editing
content, and changing configuration) is governed by _permissions_. Each
permission has a name (such as _View published content_) and covers one action
or a small subset of actions. A user must be granted a permission in order to do
the corresponding action on the site; permissions are defined by the modules
that provide the actions.
名字 (比如:查看已发布内容) ,它控制一个操作或者多个操作。用户必须被授予权限才能在站点上执行
==== What are Roles?
==== 什么是角色?
Rather than assigning individual permissions directly to each user, permissions
are grouped into _roles_. You can define one or more roles on your site, and
then grant permissions to each role. The permissions granted to authenticated
and anonymous users are contained in the _Authenticated user_ and _Anonymous
user_ roles, and depending on the installation profile you used when you
installed your site, there may also be an _Administrator_ role that is
automatically assigned all permissions on your site.
不同于直接为每个用户单独分配权限,角色包含一组权限. 您可以在网站上定义一个或更多角色,然后分配
Each user account on your site is automatically given the _Authenticated user_
role, and may optionally be assigned one or more additional roles. When you
assign a role to a user account, the user will have all the permissions of the
role when logged in.
It is a good practice to make several roles on your site. In the farmers market
site example, you might want the following roles:
* A Vendor role that allows vendors to edit their own vendor listing page
* 供应商角色,允许供应商编辑自己的供应商列表页面
* A Content editor role for editing the general farmers market pages
* 内容编辑角色,用于编辑一般农贸市场页面
* A User manager role for managing the vendor accounts
* 用户管理员角色,用于管理供应商帐户
* The _Administrator_ role that was installed with your site, for expert users
to manage the site configuration
* 管理员角色,安装网站时自动创建,供高级用户管理站点配置
==== Related topics
==== 相关话题
* <<user-new-role>>
* <<user-permissions>>
......@@ -72,18 +59,20 @@ to manage the site configuration
* <<user-admin-account>>
* <<user-content>>
==== Additional resources
==== 相关资料
*[_Drupal.org_ community documentation page "Users, roles and permissions"]
*[_Drupal.org_ community documentation page "Managing Users"]
*[_Drupal.org_ community documentation page "User Roles"]
*[Drupal 官网文档:用户,角色和权限]
*[Drupal 官网文档:管理用户]
*[Drupal 官网文档:用户角色]
Adapted by[Mark LaCroix],[Boris Doesborg], and[Jennifer Hodgdon] from["User Roles"],
copyright 2000-2017 by the individual contributors to the[Drupal Community Documentation].
编写:[Mark LaCroix],[Boris Doesborg],和[Jennifer Hodgdon] 改编自[用户角色],
©️ 2000-2017[Drupal 社区文档]贡献者
翻译:[冉强军] @[InterGreat Education Group],[qingguo]
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