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Issue #2971295 by ikphilip, paulmckibben, paul121, nrogers, Symbioquine,...

Issue #2971295 by ikphilip, paulmckibben, paul121, nrogers, Symbioquine, e0ipso, hedeshy, skorzh, briangonzalezmia, bjcooper: Warning about justinrainbow/json-schema
parent 779d0aa6
......@@ -16,11 +16,8 @@ class MultiresponseJsonNormalizer implements NormalizerInterface {
public function normalize($object, $format = NULL, array $context = []) {
// Prepare the root content type header.
$content_type = sprintf(
'application/json; type=%s',
$headers = ['Content-Type' => $content_type];
$headers = ['Content-Type' => 'application/json'];
$headers = ['X-Sub-Content-Type' => $context['sub-content-type']];
// Join the content responses as a JSON object with the separator.
$output = array_reduce((array) $object, function ($carry, Response $part_response) {
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