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......@@ -21,10 +21,59 @@ Architecture
Workflow and WorkflowGroup are plugins defined in YAML, similar to menu links.
This leaves room for a future entity-based UI.
The current state is stored in a StateItem field.
Example yourmodule.workflow_groups.yml:
label: Order
entity_type: commerce_order
Example yourmodule.workflows.yml:
id: default
label: Default
group: order
label: New
label: Fulfilment
label: Completed
label: Canceled
label: Create
from: [new]
to: fulfillment
label: Fulfill
from: [fulfillment]
to: completed
label: Cancel
from: [new, validation, fulfillment]
to: canceled
The current state is stored in a [StateItem]( field.
A field setting specifies the used workflow, or a value callback that allows
the workflow to be resolved at runtime (checkout workflow based on the used plugin, etc.
A validator is provided that ensures that the specified state is valid (exists in the
workflow and is in the allowed transitions).
Currently uses only the options_select widget.
A dropbutton node-like widget could be provided, but was initially omitted becase
it only makes sense for the main entity workflow, which nodes already have (published status),
while Commerce is pursuing a different UX.
A formatter will be provided that outputs a form with the allowed transitions,
allowing workflow changes to happen outside of the edit form.
Initial code by Pedro Cambra.
Inspired by
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