Commit fe0d8394 authored by benelori's avatar benelori Committed by Pawel G
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Issue #2700981 by prics, benelori: Cannot generate routes that have more than one parameter

parent 3b932f2b
......@@ -333,9 +333,7 @@ class Batch {
// Setting route parameters if they exist in the database (menu links).
if (!empty($query['field_info']['route_parameters'])) {
$route_params_field = $query['field_info']['route_parameters'];
if (isset($route_params_field) && !empty($route_parameters = unserialize($row->$route_params_field))) {
return array(key($route_parameters) => $route_parameters[key($route_parameters)]);
return unserialize($row->$route_params_field);
elseif (!empty($entity_info['entity_type_name'])) {
return array($entity_info['entity_type_name'] => $row->$id_field);
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