Commit c96c3523 authored by Pawel G's avatar Pawel G

WIP on 8.x-2.x: 0c250641 Add URL handling on incomplete URLs

parents 0c250641 2bfb4a12
......@@ -10,3 +10,11 @@ services:
class: Drupal\simple_sitemap\Form
arguments: ['@simple_sitemap.generator']
class: Drupal\simple_sitemap\BatchBundleUrlGenerator
arguments: ['@simple_sitemap.generator', '@language_manager', '@entity_type.manager', '@path.validator', '@entity.query']
class: Drupal\simple_sitemap\BatchCustomUrlGenerator
arguments: ['@simple_sitemap.generator', '@language_manager', '@entity_type.manager', '@path.validator']
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