Commit c75da70c authored by Pawel G's avatar Pawel G
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Test initial sitemap generation in SimplesitemapTest

parent 50567261
......@@ -40,13 +40,14 @@ class SimplesitemapTest extends WebTestBase {
* Test Simple sitemap integration.
public function testSimplesitemap() {
// Verify sitemap.xml can be cached.
// Verify sitemap.xml has been generated on install (custom path generation).
$this->assertEqual($this->drupalGetHeader('X-Drupal-Cache'), 'MISS');
$this->assertEqual($this->drupalGetHeader('X-Drupal-Cache'), 'HIT');
/* @var $node \Drupal\Node\NodeInterface */
$node = $this->createNode(['title' => 'A new page', 'type' => 'page']);
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