Commit 640786ee authored by gbyte's avatar gbyte Committed by Pawel G

Issue #3001388 by chr.fritsch, Do not display messages on install

parent 2c8224c2
......@@ -160,14 +160,6 @@ function simple_sitemap_schema() {
return $schema;
* Implements hook_install().
function simple_sitemap_install() {
$base_url = $GLOBALS['base_url'];
\Drupal::messenger()->addMessage(t("You can now include content into the sitemap by visiting the corresponding entity type edit pages (e.g. <a href='@content_type_url'>node type edit pages</a>).<br/>Support for additional entity types and custom links can be added on <a href='@config_url'>the module's configuration pages</a>.", ['@content_type_url' => "$base_url/admin/structure/types", '@config_url' => "$base_url/admin/config/search/simplesitemap"]));
* Changing the data structure of the module's configuration.
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