Commit 4ce4b620 authored by Pawel G's avatar Pawel G
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Fix batch init message not displaying when using drush batch

parent 007a237d
......@@ -22,13 +22,16 @@ class Batch {
const PATH_DOES_NOT_EXIST = "The path @faulty_path has been omitted from the XML sitemap, as it does not exist.";
const PATH_DOES_NOT_EXIST_OR_NO_ACCESS = "The path @faulty_path has been omitted from the XML sitemap as it either does not exist, or it is not accessible to anonymous users.";
const BATCH_INIT_MESSAGE = 'Initializing batch...';
const BATCH_ERROR_MESSAGE = 'An error has occurred. This may result in an incomplete XML sitemap.';
const BATCH_PROGRESS_MESSAGE = 'Processing @current out of @total link types.';
function __construct($from = 'form') {
$this->batch = array(
'title' => t('Generating XML sitemap'),
'init_message' => t('Initializing batch...'),
'error_message' => t('An error occurred'),
'progress_message' => t('Processing @current out of @total link types.'),
'init_message' => t(self::BATCH_INIT_MESSAGE),
'error_message' => t(self::BATCH_ERROR_MESSAGE),
'progress_message' => t(self::BATCH_PROGRESS_MESSAGE),
'operations' => array(),
'finished' => [__CLASS__ , 'finishGeneration'], // __CLASS__ . '::finishGeneration' not working possibly due to a drush error.
......@@ -57,7 +60,7 @@ class Batch {
$this->batch =& batch_get();
$this->batch['progressive'] = FALSE;
drush_log($this->batch['init_message'], 'status');
drush_log(t(self::BATCH_INIT_MESSAGE), 'status');
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