Commit 49a16a2b authored by Gábor Hojtsy's avatar Gábor Hojtsy

Update to the latest _help hook and menu() changes

parent e3ba3b2e
function scheduler_system($field){
$system["description"] = t("A module to schedule node (un)publishing.");
return $system[$field];
function scheduler_help($section){
if ($section == 'admin/system/modules#description') {
return t("A module to schedule node (un)publishing.");
function scheduler_link($type, $node = 0, $main = 0) {
if ($type == "system" && user_access("administer nodes")) {
$help["scheduler"] = t("The scheduler is a tool for automatically publishing and unpublishing posts at a particular time in the future.");
menu("admin/node/scheduler", t("schedule"), "scheduler_admin", $help["scheduler"], 8);
menu("admin/node/scheduler", t("schedule"), "scheduler_admin", 8);
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