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* Introduction
* Requirements
* Installation
* Configuration
* Configuration and usage
* Maintainers
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- Install the Publishing options module as you would normally install a contributed Drupal
module. Visit for further information.
To administer publishing options, go to `/admin/config/content/publishing-options`
To administer publishing options, go to `/admin/config/content/publishing-options`. Here you can create, update, or
remove publishing options. Click on the `Add publishing option` button. The link will take you to the
add/edit publishing options form.
![Publishing options administration](assets/images/PO_admin.png)
#### Content types
After adding the desired options, you can then go to `/admin/structure/types` and pick publishing
options for the desired content types.
To add/edit a publishing option. Type the name of the publishing option and associate the content types for this
publishing option with. Then save the publishing option.
![Create/Edit publishing options](assets/images/PO_add_pub_options.png)
Once a content type has the desired publishing options, you can select the publishing options available to the content
![Relating publishing options to a content type](assets/images/PO_content_types.png)
> **_NOTE:_** You can also associate publishing options to a content type within the content type's add/edit
> page in the `Publishing options` section.
> \
> \
> **_Example link:_** Basic page, `admin/structure/types/manage/page`
> ![Publishing options inside content types](assets/images/PO_pub_options_content_types.png)
#### Views
### Nodes
To associate a node to a publishing option, add/edit a node (`node/add` or `/node/%/edit`). Go to the `Promotion options`
section and select the publishing options to associate to the node.
![Associate publishing options to nodes](assets/images/PO_pub_options_nodes.png)
### Views
You can add a field, filter and contextual filter to a view for publishing options.
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