This is the seventh alpha of the 0.4 release of the Aegir hosting

The focus of this release has been on stability and bug fixes.

 * #724294 - implement a rollback hook to delete stale tarballs after failed backups
 * #728140 - try to wean the platform apache config off crack
 * #731816 - provide comments explaining why and how site db credentials are stored in apache vhosts as environment variables
 * #642948 - backup_migrate compatibility: block files/backup_migrate/ paths from apache
 * #685076 - be more tolerant on hook_update() function names so that media_mover upgrades work properly
 * #604800 - ignore site-specific modules in aegir
 * The .htaccess file is now source from your platform's .htaccess instead of our hardcoded values, which allows you to easily override the vhost settings (just edit your .htaccess and run platform verify)
 * Fixed SSL for mixed SSL + non-SSL sites
 * We don't chown/chgrp symlinks anymore in site verification
 * Drupal 7 provisionning works again
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