Commit f61e716d authored by Steven Jones's avatar Steven Jones

Issue #1454316 by Steven Jones: Fixed Provision recurses infinitely on reading in context.

parent 59ec3f12
......@@ -90,7 +90,7 @@ function provision_context_factory($name, $allow_creation = TRUE) {
$record = provision_sitealias_get_record($name);
if (!$allow_creation && empty($record)) {
drush_log(dt('Could not find provision alias named: @name' , array('@name' => $name)), 'failed');
drush_set_error('PROVISION_MISSING_CONTEXT', dt('Could not find provision alias named: @name' , array('@name' => $name)));
return NULL;
$options = array_merge(drush_get_context('stdin'), drush_get_context('options'), drush_get_context('cli'));
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