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......@@ -270,7 +270,12 @@ This is outside the scope of this document however.
3. Run the install script
This section deals with the actual installation of Aegir.
This section deals with the actual installation of Aegir. You can
install aegir in one of two ways: one assumes you have already
downloaded drush and provision, while the other will do that for you.
3.1 Installing aegir with only the script
There is an install script that takes care of installing the right packages and
preparing the backend and frontend install for you. That script needs to be run
......@@ -287,11 +292,34 @@ the official release.). You can modify which version to install by editing the
AEGIR_VERSION variable in the script.
Shell commands::
su -s /bin/sh aegir -c "sh"
su -s /bin/sh aegir -c "sh"
Note you must run the above command as root or prefix with sudo.
Be sure to change '' to match the URI of your site.
You will be prompted for the information necessary to complete the
Once you have run once, drush and provision should be
installed and you can use the more powerful hostmaster-install command
to retry the install if it failed the first time.
3.2 Installing aegir with drush and provision installed
If you have already downloaded drush and provision, you can just install
provision in the commands directory of Drush (either ~aegir/.drush or
/usr/share/drush/commands), if that's not already done. Once provision
is properly installed, you can install all other aegir components using
the hostmaster-install command.
Shell commands::
drush hostmaster-install
You will be prompted for the required information if not provided on the
commandline. See the inline help for the available options::
drush help hostmaster-install
You can append '' to keep from being prompted for
an e-mail address during install. The traditional Drupal 'Welcome' e-mail will
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