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Adding docs about the new Robofile inclusion.

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......@@ -79,3 +79,44 @@ There are a few environment variables you might find helpful:
- `PROVISION_CONTEXT_CONFIG_FILE` - The path on the host to this context's YML configuration file.
- `PROVISION_CONTEXT_SERVER_HTTP` - The name of the server context providing HTTP service.
- `PROVISION_CONTEXT_SERVER_HTTP_CONFIG_PATH` - Full path on the host to the HTTP server's configuration. This is the folder the `docker-compose.yml` file is in. (If this is a server context, the hooks are run in this folder.)
## Robo Files
Provision can now include `RoboFile.php` files from your server config path or site codebase.
Robo is a task runner written in PHP. Provision 4.x includes Robo. If you create a RoboFile.php in your site's root, Provision will include those commands in the main `provision` command.
1. Change directory to your site root or server config root.
2. Create a file named `RoboFile.php` with the following:
* This is project's console commands configuration for Robo task runner.
* @see
class RoboFile extends \Robo\Tasks
* Output the current working directory and the __DIR__ variable.
public function mysiteTest() {
$this->say("CWD: " . getcwd());
$this->say("__DIR__: " . __DIR__);
NOTE: If you have the `robo` command [installed globally](, you can run `robo init` to create this file.
3. Run `provision @mycontextname` and you will see your commands listed:
mysite:test Output the current working directory and the __DIR__ variable.
You can now run this command from any directory if you specify the right context name.
4. Since this is just a `RoboFile.php` you can also run it with the `robo` command, if you have it installed. Just be aware that if you are using Provision to run the commands, you shouldn't rely on `getcwd()` if you need the directory of the RoboFile. Use `__DIR__` instead.
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