Commit e80eda5d authored by omega8cc's avatar omega8cc Committed by helmo

Issue #1616954 - Drupal 8 support.

parent 1382b87e
......@@ -5,17 +5,24 @@
* Rebuild all the caches
drush_log(t('Cleared all caches'));
node_types_rebuild(); // d5, d6, d7, d8
drush_log(t('Rebuilt node types cache'));
drush_log(t('Rebuilt node type cache'));
drupal_flush_all_caches(); // d6, d7, d8
drush_log(t('All caches cleared'));
drush_log(t('Rebuilt code registry'));
// Available in d6 and d7 only
//drush_log(t('Cleared all caches'));
drush_log(t('Rebuilt theme cache'));
// Included in drupal_flush_all_caches()
//drush_log(t('Rebuilt code registry'));
drush_log(t('Rebuilt menu cache'));
// Included in drupal_flush_all_caches()
//drush_log(t('Rebuilt theme cache'));
// Available in d5, d6, d7 only
//drush_log(t('Rebuilt menu cache'));
......@@ -138,15 +138,15 @@ function install_main() {
// create the admin account
$account = user_load(1);
$edit['name'] = 'admin';
$edit['pass'] = $account_pass;
$edit['mail'] = $client_email;
$edit['status'] = 1;
$account->name = 'admin';
$account->pass = $account_pass;
$account->mail = $client_email;
$account->status = 1;
// temporarily disable drupal's default mail notification
$prev = variable_get('user_mail_status_activated_notify', TRUE);
variable_set('user_mail_status_activated_notify', FALSE);
$account = user_save($account, $edit);
variable_set('user_mail_status_activated_notify', $prev);
$onetime = user_pass_reset_url($account);
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