Commit e3c6fb70 authored by Thomas Bosviel's avatar Thomas Bosviel Committed by omega8cc

Issue #2720159 by Thomas Bosviel: Nginx SSL service doesn't generate vhost include file

parent b142dbeb
......@@ -35,6 +35,7 @@ class Provision_Service_http_nginx_ssl extends Provision_Service_http_ssl {
// Replace the server config with our own. See the class for more info.
$this->configs['server'][] = 'Provision_Config_Nginx_Ssl_Server';
$this->configs['server'][] = 'Provision_Config_Nginx_Inc_Server';
$this->configs['site'][] = 'Provision_Config_Nginx_Ssl_Site';
$this->server->setProperty('nginx_config_mode', 'extended');
$this->server->setProperty('nginx_is_modern', FALSE);
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