Commit d6d1adc8 authored by helmo's avatar helmo

Issue #2859549: purge jenkins code from debian/rules

parent 000ba209
......@@ -20,32 +20,4 @@ override_dh_install:
dh_installinit --name=hosting-queued
DOMAIN?=$(shell hostname -f)
# this builds a debian package based on what the current branches are
# this usually tests the latest release
git-buildpackage -b --git-upstream-branch=origin/upstream --git-debian-branch=origin/debian --git-ignore-branch
# the version from the changelog, add the git hash
version=$(shell sed -ne 's/^[^(]*(\([^)]*\)).*/\1/;1p' debian/changelog)
commit=$(shell git log -n 1 --oneline | sed 's/ .*$$//')
# the version we're building with jenkins
# debug for the above
@echo ${version}
# this builds a debian package but first updates the branches to follow the latest 2.x branch
# this assumes you are on a "debian" branch (of course)
dch -D unstable -v ${jenkins_version} "automatic jenkins build ${BUILD_TAG} for commit ${commit}"
git commit -m"dummy commit for jenkins ${BUILD_TAG} autobuild" debian/changelog
git-buildpackage -b ${KEY}
# helper to debug the above
@echo would build version ${jenkins_version} with key ${KEY}
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