Commit d5dca739 authored by mig5's avatar mig5

#1322208 by helmo - fix provision-restore help information and add an example

parent 9522d392
......@@ -134,8 +134,11 @@ function provision_drush_command() {
$items['provision-restore'] = array(
'description' => 'Restore the site to a previous backup. This will also generate a backup of the site as it was.',
'arguments' => array('' => dt('The domain of the site to be restored'),
'arguments' => array(
'site_backup.tar.gz' => dt('The backup to restore the site to.')),
'examples' => array(
'drush @site provision-restore ~/backups/some_site.tar.gz' => 'Restore the site to the backup in ~/backups/some_site.tar.gz.',
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