Commit ce12a2a3 authored by Jon Pugh's avatar Jon Pugh

Remove check for platforms before allowing site creation, because platforms are no longer required.

parent 400af44b
......@@ -327,19 +327,6 @@ class SaveCommand extends Command
if (empty($this->input->getOption('context_type'))) {
$type_options = Context::getContextTypeOptions();
// Check for platforms. If none. don't allow sites.
$platform_exists = FALSE;
foreach ($options as $name => $type_and_name) {
if (strpos($type_and_name, 'platform') === 0) {
$platform_exists = TRUE;
if (!$platform_exists) {
$this->io->block("You cannot add a site until you have at least one platform.");
$context_type = $this->io->choice('Context Type?', $type_options);
else {
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