Commit cd6f791f authored by Jon Pugh's avatar Jon Pugh

Removing drush_log print_r.

parent 3ab38ce9
......@@ -105,12 +105,9 @@ function drush_provision_drupal_pre_provision_verify() {
// Customizable by setting drush option 'provision_composer_install_command'
$composer_command = drush_get_option('provision_composer_install_command', 'composer install --no-interaction --no-progress --no-dev');
// Implement Symfony Process component for line-by-line output logging.
provision_process($composer_command, $composer_directory);
$process = drush_get_context('provision_process_result');
drush_log(print_r($process, 1), 'devshop_log');
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