Commit c0c49d23 authored by helmo's avatar helmo

hostmaster-resume was renamed to hosting-resume

parent 196f3e8b
......@@ -140,15 +140,10 @@ We are making the following assumptions:
* Prepare the hostmaster site for migration
* @deprecated most of the stuff here needs to be removed in favor of
* hosting-pause, but since that exists only starting with rc3, we
* need to copy the content of it here. once 1.0 is released, we can
* remove that code and just keep hosting-pause.
function drush_provision_pre_hostmaster_migrate($site, $platform) {
// wipe out cron entry
exec('crontab -r');
// we ignore errors here through integrate = FALSE
provision_backend_invoke(drush_get_option('site_name'), 'hosting-pause', array(), array('#integrate' => FALSE));
function drush_provision_hostmaster_migrate($site, $platform) {
......@@ -159,7 +154,7 @@ function drush_provision_post_hostmaster_migrate($site, $platform) {
provision_backend_invoke(drush_get_option('site_name'), 'cache-clear', array('drush'));
// we pass the context names we generated to the task so we can enforce that the names
// stay the same.
provision_backend_invoke(drush_get_option('site_name'), 'hostmaster-resume', array(), array(
provision_backend_invoke(drush_get_option('site_name'), 'hosting-resume', array(), array(
'old_platform_name' => drush_get_option('old_platform'),
'new_platform_name' => drush_get_option('new_platform'),
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