Commit be655988 authored by Steven Jones's avatar Steven Jones

More work on getting the tests to pass

parent 08795bed
......@@ -135,11 +135,13 @@ function drush_provision_tests_install_platform($platform_name, $platform_alias
drush_invoke_process('@none', 'make', $args);
$args = array(
'root' => "/var/aegir/platforms/$platform_alias",
$options = array(
'root' => "/var/aegir/platforms/$platform_alias",
'context_type' => 'platform',
drush_invoke_process('@none', 'provision-save', $args);
provision_backend_invoke('@none', 'provision-save', $args, $options);
provision_backend_invoke('@hostmaster', 'hosting-import', array("@platform_$platform_alias",));
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