Commit ba9a2a99 authored by ergonlogic's avatar ergonlogic

Add templates for subdirs configuration files.

parent 4b5e5505
<VirtualHost *:<?php print $http_port; ?>>
ServerName <?php print $uri; ?>
Include <?php print $subdirs_path; ?>/<?php print $uri; ?>/*.conf
Alias /<?php print $location; ?> <?php print $platform_path; ?>
<Location /<?php print $location; ?>>
SetEnv db_type <?php print urlencode($db_type); ?>
SetEnv db_name <?php print urlencode($db_name); ?>
SetEnv db_user <?php print urlencode($db_user); ?>
SetEnv db_passwd <?php print urlencode($db_passwd); ?>
SetEnv db_host <?php print urlencode($db_host); ?>
SetEnv db_port <?php print urlencode($db_port); ?>
# Error handler for Drupal > 4.6.7
<Directory "<?php print $site_path; ?>/files">
SetHandler This_is_a_Drupal_security_line_do_not_remove
# Prevent direct reading of files in the private dir.
# This is for Drupal7 compatibility, which would normally drop
# a .htaccess in those directories, but we explicitly ignore those
<Directory "<?php print $site_path; ?>/private/" >
SetHandler This_is_a_Drupal_security_line_do_not_remove
Deny from all
Options None
Options +FollowSymLinks
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